New Philosophical Friends

What a great way to be welcomed into the world of blogging. I'm happy to announce I've signed on as contributing editor and writer for the The Leather Library and The Diogenes Society. Come check it out! There's philosophy talk, there's science talk, there's bourbon and cigar talk. There's even Lord of the Rings talk…new post … Continue reading New Philosophical Friends


Does Philosophy Matter?

Okay so the question beckons a philosophical point of view to answer it, which makes it undermine itself. But let's not go there.     And I don't mean to write a self-congratulatory post about how important philosophy is, even though no one knows it. That's also a downward spiral. I ask this question even … Continue reading Does Philosophy Matter?

Why Plato’s censorship of the arts was not so horrible

  My first blog post. To those throngs of people hanging on my every word, please be patient with me while I mess everything up and delete everything and rewrite everything, as I'm doing now. I'm currently working on a philosophical novel based on Plato. While researching contemporary philosophical novels, I came across these statements … Continue reading Why Plato’s censorship of the arts was not so horrible