My Novel is About…Elevator Tag Line

At Millie Ho’s blog we find her novel summarized in 10 sentences. I’ve taken on the challenge. It’s a great way to figure out what to say at cocktail parties when you know you’ve got to make it quick because people are only asking about your novel to be nice.


Philosopher King is Plato as a pot-smoking math major who grew up on a commune in Vermont and carries around a tin cup on his backpack.

Philosopher King is Socrates as a philosophy professor on trial for sexual harassment in a politically-correct liberal arts college.

Philosopher King is Thrasymachus (the “bad” guy in the Republic) as a supremely intelligent gay college student with Aspergers.

Philosopher King is the stuff you’d like to put in your term paper on the Allegory of the Cave, but can’t.

Philosopher King is chock full of bad arguments for the existence of God, played out in dream sequence.

Philosopher King is chock full of logic problems as clues to figuring out the plot…and even math.

Philosopher King is extra special for philosophy nerds because they’ll catch the inside jokes.

BUT Philosopher King is for normal people too.

Philosopher King is Big Ideas tethered to flawed people.

Philosopher King is what happens when faith and reason collide…a spectacular cosmos is born.


NOW it’s YOUR turn!

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