North Korea and Sony Conspiracy Theory


So when my husband noticed that “The Interview” was coming out in theaters here in Tucson, he joked that this hacking scandal was all a conspiracy to increase revenue for the movie, which otherwise would not be of much interest.

I laughed, then Googled it and came up with this and this. There were several others out there. I didn’t read them all the way through because I don’t care enough, but if you’re so inclined, feel free.

My husband’s theory is more interesting—Sony hacked itself. “Everyone in the world is gonna wanna go and see it now,” he said. “Hell, even I want to see it.”

I was on board with him until I saw the trailer. It’s just not my brand of humor, even if it is of political interest at this point.

Do you plan to see it? Do you have plans to see another movie tomorrow? 

15 thoughts on “North Korea and Sony Conspiracy Theory

    • I’m really eager to see “The Imitation Game” but I’m usually pretty ambivalent about seeing movies when they come out. I also used to work at a movie theater, and it was not fun working on Christmas day. I might wait a few days just to avoid the crowds and give the movie employees a break.

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  1. Whatever the truth of it all; the U.S. has demonstrated that it has an ‘off switch’ for the internet which it can apply regionally. So, if Stuxnet or its equivalent fails, they can just throw the switch. Are you listening Vladimir?

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  2. I usually tend to think that most conspiracies leak out. But who knows. And it sure would be a brilliant idea to drum up the sales like you said.

    My wife isn’t interested in seeing that movie, but we were planning on seeing a movie because it’s trade-off time of baby-sitting with the in-laws. Now I’m going to feel guilty bothering all those workers tomorrow! 😉


    • Yeah, I feel the same way about conspiracies. I don’t pay much attention to them unless they’re so goofy they can’t be true, then I post them on my blog.

      Don’t feel too guilty! I know a lot of people use it as an excuse so they don’t have to carry on conversation with family members. I’m lucky enough to be spending Christmas with just the hubby. Geez, I sound pretty antisocial.

      And who knows, maybe some of those workers are happy to be getting extra money.


  3. The idea of it being a public ploy seems plausible as I am sure far more people will see the Interview then would have as a result of the hacking scandal. That said, I imagine Sony is going to lose revenue by not having it released in theatres broadly. So in that case maybe it is conspiracy by indie film makers to destroy Sony. 😛

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  4. Conspiracy theories aside, I don’t plan to see it until I can do it for free. (The basic premise didn’t really entice me either.) I read somewhere that they were going to eventually have it on Netflix. When they do, I might watch it, just out of curiosity.

    One thing that I find interesting, is that this movie is being released concurrently in theaters and online. If Sony makes a lot of money from it, we might see more of that model.

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