Geordie Bear

I had a few minutes to fool around with iMovie, so I thought I’d capture some Geordie moments. He’s quite the ham.

If this works out, I’ll be much more encouraged to make that Heidegger video.

Please let me know if you notice any problems! (Besides the fact that I don’t know how to make movies.)

19 thoughts on “Geordie Bear

  1. Cute!
    Film-wise, make sure to have the light come from behind or from the side.
    What kind of Heidegger video are you planning? Phenomenology of everyday life – Dasein-as-dog vs. dasein-with-dog? Being-at-hand vs. being-at-paw? 🙂

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  2. Great video! Well done that woman. Geordie, what a star. I too have made videos of my pooch, though she tends to be rather ‘Greta Garbo’ most of the time. One eyebrow raised and only interested in the best kind of biscuits.

    – sonmi laughing at ‘dogsclamation marks’ upon the Cloud

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    • Our last dog was like that—only interested in the best kind of biscuits. Actually, he was only interested in the best kind of human food. Geordie, on the other hand, is an eater of all things.

      Hariod’s got a new phrase that I fully expect to go viral!

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    • I love that too! It’s so fun to see how he’ll react to my gadgets. You should have seen him when I played the video back (the original soundtrack had me squealing “Get it, Geordie!”)…he came running into the room, spinning around in circles. Then when he realized that my voice was coming from the iPad, he ran away in fear. It was pretty funny.

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