Geordie Resurrected!

Okay, I just had to go there with that title. He did get bitten by a serpent—a rattlesnake I have no problem with naming “Satan”—on Easter day, so I just couldn’t resist the Biblical reference. You can see the bruising on his snout from where the devil got him. (Satan got away. I never did find him. I’m sure that’s symbolic of something. Or maybe animal rights activists read my last post and swept in in the middle of the night to save the evil snake.)

IMG_0012 IMG_0015

It’s been pretty crazy here. He’s still very sick, but it looks like he’s in the clear. The first night when we brought him home, nobody knew what to do. We weren’t as prepared as we thought we were. We ended up taking him back to the animal hospital to get further instructions. We learned how to force feed him with a syringe, which isn’t fun for anyone. The good news is just a few minutes ago I got him to eat something on his own. I really hate trying to shove things down his throat after all he’s been through.

Geordie has improved my life drastically, so now I feel I should be there for him. I’m feeling mothering tendencies I didn’t think I had. He’s turned me into an absolute fool…and by that I mean one of those obnoxious mothers who talks to her kids in that horrible screechy high-pitched voice. That’s me. That’s what I’ve become. At this point, I have no shame. And besides, Geordie seems to like least I haven’t heard him complain much.


News on Geordie Bear

Nothing Happy about this Easter, at least not for me. My husband recommended I blog about it instead of moping. So here it is.

Today Geordie got bitten by a rattlesnake. I didn’t see it happen, but luckily I was outside with him and I saw him jump out of a bush in a peculiar way, then I heard the rattling. Had I not heard the rattling, I might not have known to act quickly. He went into shock a few minutes later and I was sure he would die in my arms on the way to the animal hospital. He was completely limp by the time we got him in the car, but still breathing. He peed, then I thought I felt his heart stop. Luckily, he started gasping for air. He’s now at the animal clinic getting his second vial of anti venom. The last report was that his kidneys and liver are fine, but we should remain “cautiously optimistic.” The doctor said she thought he had gotten bitten by a mojave based on his neurological conditions and how quickly the venom affected him. He’s going to be at the hospital for a while.

The thing I can’t seem to get out of my mind is the fact that we had to pay an astronomical figure up front to get the anti venom. I can totally understand why it would cost that much, but upfront? Really? What if we didn’t have that kind of money sitting in the bank account? Would they just let Geordie die? I’m sure they’ve had problems with people paying, but still. I just can’t even begin to think about what would have happened if we didn’t have the money.

On the way home, I called a rattlesnake removal service. We have a snake grabber, but I didn’t want to take any chances at this point. I’d had enough drama for the day. So the guy from the removal service comes with his bucket and snake grabber and searches for this snake, but can’t find it. Our backyard is sealed off to keep out most critters, and we thought it was keeping out the snakes too, but apparently not. Either that snake is out in the wild or it’s still back there somewhere. All day I’ve been going out there in fits and bursts to look for it, but I still can’t find it. I have revenge on my mind. I know Geordie was the one at fault and the snake was just defending itself, but I don’t care. I want that horrible creature dead.

Hopefully Geordie will recover. We’ve only had him for a short while, but the house feels empty without him. I’ve fallen totally in love with him. Just this morning my husband called him a dog, and I said, “He’s not a dog, he’s Geordie.”