12 thoughts on “Desert Snow

    • That is a great question. Until yesterday I would’ve said never, at least not a “real” snow, not here in “the valley”. Really, it’s spotty and rare. In fact, the day before yesterday I was making snarky remarks throughout the weather report because it seemed to me that whenever they predict snow, a few flakes fall on the other side of town and everyone makes a big deal of it. But yesterday was unusual because the whole valley got snow, real snow. It was such a big deal locally that I thought we might get national coverage, but no. Funny, it all melted by afternoon, except for a sorry-looking snowman I saw on my walk this morning.

      The complicating factor is that Tucson is surrounded by mountain ranges, and even the smaller ones get snow sometimes. Not far from here I have the Tucson Mtns practically in my front yard, and those get snow even if we never see a single flake down here. Plus, in the Catalinas, which is what I see out my backyard, Mt. Lemmon gets snow regularly. They say going up there is like driving to Canada, since the elevation causes a drastic change in scenery and plant life. It feels a lot like Flagstaff. People actually ski up there, or so I hear…I don’t ski.

      Same thing here with infrastructure, as you can imagine. It was the same thing in Oklahoma City too—a total disaster there, with all the ice and highways. But I had no idea it was so rare in Louisiana.

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      • Los Angeles made the news with their snow. It’s annoying sometimes how big cities dominate these sorts of things.

        Snow is actually reasonably common in north Louisiana, but in the Baton Rouge / New Orleans areas it’s a rare thing. Given that it’s common in north Louisiana, I would have thought it’d be common in Oklahoma. Makes me wonder what about the landscape causes those variations.

        I forgot to mention how striking the scenery is in your video. I sometimes think of everything in Arizona as desert. Obviously that isn’t accurate. There was a lot more greenery than I would have imagined.

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        • I would say snow is common in OK, but it’s not usually the kind of snow that makes for a winter wonderland. Compared to here, it’s pretty wintry. But when I think of Oklahoma winters, I think of cars hitting black ice and crashing. There just aren’t many resources there for dealing with the ice.

          I live in the Sonoran desert, which is incredibly lush for a desert. And unique. I think people are often surprised by it, and by the varied climates in AZ.

          You know, I’ve never been to New Orleans, and if I’ve been to Louisiana, it was probably one of those road trips I was too young to remember. What is your favorite place/thing to do in the state?

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