7 thoughts on “To Sidehill Sam…

      • It’s funny, I didn’t mean to make a cliffhanger out of this. I just wasn’t near my computer at the time when I replied and I didn’t feel like typing on my phone.

        So here’s the story. One day I noticed a dog tag hanging from a palo verde tree in my front yard, the same one that’s in the video. I went to the website to see what it was all about, and it turned out to be an information about outdoor activities on my side of town, but I still couldn’t figure out who Sidehill Sam was. I wasn’t even sure the dog tag was intended for me because it was on a tree near the street and could’ve been put there at random. Some time passed. I went to a neighborhood gathering (outdoors) and a couple whom I know from walking Geordie asked me about the Voltaire statue in front of our walkway. I didn’t think anything of this, but the next day my husband (not Geordie) found another dog tag hanging from Voltaire’s neck. Bingo.

        So after asking around and finding out Sidehill Sam’s address, I made this little movie with Geordie and Voltaire. Peanut butter helped Geordie find the dog tag—I love that moment when he walks right past it, then catches a whiff and turns around. Then Geordie and I crept over to Sidehill Sam’s house at night and left behind a little hiking backpack and some goodies, along with our calling card, which said: philosophyandfiction.com.

        Which leads us here.

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