Who Wants an Advance Review Copy?

I’ve given myself a tight deadline—April 1st—to get my manuscript and materials to the publisher, mainly because I know I’ll go crazy if I drag this out any longer. Promotion! Promotion! Promotion! Marketing! Marketing! Marketing! AH!

So I’ll get to the point: Who wants to interview me and/or review my book, A Footnote to Plato?

A Footnote to Plato takes places in 2012 at fictional Winston College in Vermont. Philosophy professor, Dr. Isaac Fischelson, finds himself embroiled in a student drama which leads to a false accusation of sexual harassment and an investigation intended to force him out. But Isaac refuses to be a failure, so when a hard-up math student offers to help him put together an online lecture series on Plato, Isaac decides to take him and a small group from Winston College to Greece to film it. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime for the promising student, and Isaac’s last chance to save his reputation—and maybe leave behind a legacy.

Book Trailer: A Footnote to Plato

If you’re interested, just leave a comment and I’ll add you to my ARC list (before April 1st 2023) or you can request a copy by contacting review@wipfandstock.com at any time.

Questions? Yeah, me too. Well, any suggestions on book promotion or ideas on collaborations are welcome.

10 thoughts on “Who Wants an Advance Review Copy?

    • Ah, biased reviews happen all the time—friends reviewed by friends, especially in the blogosphere—and it’s hardly frowned upon, but you are a contributor in the book, so there’s that.

      I’ve been wondering how much book reviews affect sales. I’m sure the answer is, “It depends.” In any case I’m being told to go after them, so I’ll do the best I can!

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      • Yeah, I think it’s mostly that I contributed, albeit in a very small way. No doubt I’d feel compelled to praise your geometer. 😏🤡

        There is also that, with friends, it’s hard to avoid being either too friendly or, due to reverse bias, too harsh. (They say friends should never loan money, and perhaps that applies to reviewing, in any serious way, their art.)


    • I just realized I need to get your email address to put you down on the list. You can shoot me an email if you prefer to send it that way: tforsee@gmail.com.

      BTW, kudos to you on the writing. I keep meaning to do Nanowrimo but I feel like I have to have an outline first. Is that how you do it? How long have you been doing it? Have you come out of it with writing you’re proud of?


  1. Hi Tina,
    I’m not really an interviewer. (I just did a Q&A thing with someone who pitched for it, and found it awkward and stressful. Not their fault, just not my thing.)

    So the best I could promise would be a review. I’m totally fine if you prefer to reserve your ARCs for the interviews.

    In any case, I do plan to buy a copy when it comes out. Hope there’s a Kindle edition.


    • I have no preference as far as format goes, and a review would be great! I’ll put you on the list too. And yes, there will be a Kindle edition, but this way I can get the publisher to send you an ARC. (I also secured audiobook rights, in case I want to record my own in the future. I know this publisher doesn’t do audiobooks, so I figured why give that up?) Thanks!

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