The Harmony of the Soul: Plato’s Republic

Lex Solo has asked me to write a blog post about the forms of government in Plato's Republic, and instead of giving a simple explanation of these, I had to go off topic: Was Plato's Republic truly a political work? Was he really anti-democratic?┬áHere is some of what I had to say on the matter … Continue reading The Harmony of the Soul: Plato’s Republic


What’s Your Philosophy?

BLOGGING EVENT! Tell the world. Don't be shy. Yes, we're used to piggy-backing off the famous philosophers, and that's why I came up with this prompt. Those well-versed in philosophy will appreciate a grassroots approach, even those who spend every waking hour thinking about the transcendental unity of apperception, believe it or not. No need … Continue reading What’s Your Philosophy?