The Imitation Game

Now I have the right to write about The Imitation Game, which I saw in the theaters last night. Spoiler alert. Those of you who read my post about Alan Turing will remember that I expected this portrayal to come across as Sherlock II, and I have to say it mostly did, except Cumberbatch makes … Continue reading The Imitation Game


North Korea and Sony Conspiracy Theory

So when my husband noticed that "The Interview" was coming out in theaters here in Tucson, he joked that this hacking scandal was all a conspiracy to increase revenue for the movie, which otherwise would not be of much interest. I laughed, then Googled it and came up with this and this. There were several others out … Continue reading North Korea and Sony Conspiracy Theory

Avoid “Her”pes—Fall in Love With Your Laptop

I'm going to admit right off the bat that the title of this post as nothing to do with the content. I just couldn't resist. I'm thrilled by Her, a sci-fi romantic comedy directed by Spike Jones, who was also the co-creator of that ridiculously awful show, Jackass, on MTV, a fact that baffles me. Anyhow, I'll go … Continue reading Avoid “Her”pes—Fall in Love With Your Laptop