Notes from a Sci-Fi Newbie on The Leather Library

My latest post on Dune and Solaris is here.


Introduction to “Notes from a Sci-Fi Newbie”

My introductory post for a Sci-Fi (and Fantasy) series is now up at The Leather Library. Whenever a post goes up there, I’ll post here as well to let you know.

I originally thought it would be like this:


But it’s not. Not yet, at least.

So far Dune and Solaris are on the queue. Right now I’m reading Anathem, which seems to have a lot of negative reviews, but it’s looking like you won’t see that from me. I’m really eager to get to this one. I’d like to work out some of the language in it and I hope to gain some insights from those of you who have read it or are planning on reading it. But I won’t say too much here.

I started with a classic, and so far they seem to be getting better and better. Thank you all for your recommendations…I’m enjoying the reading immensely.