Eidos and AI: What is a Thingamajig?

To understand this post, you might have to read part I and part II on phenomenology and artificial intelligence. The question I'm asking is not: Can computers think? Or: Can AI have consciousness? But: Can meaning "run ahead" for AI the way it does for us? Can we program intentionality, the "about-ness" or "directed-ness" toward … Continue reading Eidos and AI: What is a Thingamajig?

Intentionality and Meaning

In the previous post, I put forth the question of whether Husserl's phenomenology could be of use to AI, weak or strong. This is a genuine question that I put out there to discuss...I have no thesis to support. Just curious to hear what you think. In writing this post, I realized I'd have to … Continue reading Intentionality and Meaning

AI Ethics

Writing collaboration is possible! Here it is. Many thanks to Steven Umbrello for getting this out. Other news: Sorry it's been so long. Looks like the spinal tap is normal, so now I'm waiting to get an appointment in Mayo Clinic.