LAST MINUTE Halloween Costume

Okay you have a few hours to go before that costume party begins, but no costume. Here's what you can do, and all you need is your computer and a printer. Undercover cop costume:   Just Google "Undercover Cop ID card". (Here you'll see "Police Dept. LA" and "FBI" but meh. Who cares. Just say … Continue reading LAST MINUTE Halloween Costume

Awesomely Lame Halloween Costume Ideas

Okay so let's say you're invited to a Halloween party and you have to dress up. Or let's say you don't have a party to go to, and you don't have plans, but you're gonna dress up anyways because you're awesomely lame. And let's say you like being the one whom everyone asks, "So...what...are you?" … Continue reading Awesomely Lame Halloween Costume Ideas