Happy Holidays!

Geordie got to visit Santa Claus this year…he looks a bit skeptical here, but I think I’ll convince him in the end. (“Of course this 22 year old kid isn’t the real Santa Claus, but he’s working for Santa. Santa’s busy with your presents right now.”)


My favorite thing about this photo is the teddy bear who has had just about enough of all this (lower right hand corner.) 



Cranberry-Almond tart for us..


Gingerbread javelina for Santa Claus…Geordie’s keeping watch. He still doesn’t believe, but he’ll see some pretty solid evidence come Christmas morning. 

The weather forecast says we’ll get snow on the mountain tomorrow, which means a white Christmas (for Tucson.)

Merry Christmas everyone!

15 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Happy Holidays to you, Neal and Geordie!
    Funny you may be able to see some snow, even if it is only in a distance on the mountain top. There is no chance for snow here at all. Its just a grey sky and we are going to have rain in the afternoon. However, the weather is as nice as you take it. The good mood is coming from within.

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    • Well said, Nannus. Merry Christmas to you and the family. We did actually get a white Christmas and just in time for my aunt and uncle to see one of the most stunning mountain views. Plus, the sun comes in at an interesting angle in winter, so that the sun glows red when it sets. It’s nice to finally have visiting family to share this with. Geordie was an old pro at opening his presents. He was the life of the party.

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    • Merry Christmas! I hope it was cozy and warm where you are.

      We got our white Christmas! Everything was absolutely perfect except I lost my voice completely. I came down with some strange bug that has people talking like frogs. For me, I just honk. So I’m going around whispering and only my aunt and Geordie can hear me. My uncle and Neal are both hard of hearing, so it gets really annoying to hear everyone asking questions that only I seem to have the answer to. I eventually start throwing things to get people’s attention. I’ve taken to writing on a dry erase board, but my handwriting stinks, and everyone needs glasses to read. But hey, this will be memorable! Especially since my aunt starts whispering when she doesn’t have to.

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      • No, no, no. You’re just making that up! 🙂

        “Warm and cozy”… ha. No. Try freezing rain courtesy of global warming (which our idiot new President thinks doesn’t exist; we’re so doomed).

        Just another day on the calendar for me, but at least I got good and drunk. And there was the new Doctor Who Christmas special!

        Ooohhh…. time to pass out….

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  2. Happy Christmas to you, to hubby and to Geordie, dear Tina, as well as to all your readers too. The Cranberry & Almond Tart looks sensational, and oddly I’ve recently become addicted to that particular fruit and that nut. I gather eating almonds is evil though, isn’t it?

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